Monday, May 2, 2011

American Gas Association Member Websites List

AGA is all about Natural Gas, and it's delivery to anyone willing to buy, what a great place to look for a list of PLAYERS....below is the list of their MEMBERS websites.

Local natural gas distribution companies and their corporate parents.


U.S. natural gas pipelines; Canadian and Mexican natural gas utilities and pipelines; U.S., Canadian and Mexican natural gas marketers, brokers and gatherers.


Organizations outside of North America eligible to participate in Operations Best Practices/Benchmarking Program and Selected Operating Section Committees.

International Affiliate

Organizations outside of North America.


Suppliers, consultants, members of the operating, financial, marketing and legal communities, and others providing services to the industry.




So, wanting to know WHO TO WATCH?  Want to know who to look for in the news when it comes to Natural Gas?  Well, thanks to GTI, found a partial list for everyone to start working off of.  There "Members List" it seems is PUBLIC...have to LOVE THAT.

Participants in the GTI Membership Program
AGL Resources, Inc.
Air Liquide America Corporation
Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.
Alcorn Exploration, Inc.
Allegheny Power
Alliant Energy
Amerada Hess Corporation
American Meter Company
AMVEST Oil & Gas, Inc.
APGA Research Foundation*
Aquila Inc.
Arkansas Oklahoma Gas Corporation
Arkansas Western Gas Company
Atmos Energy Corporation*
Austell Gas System
Avista Corp.
Belden & Blake Corporation
Black Hills Corporation
BP Amoco Exploration & Production Sector
Burlington Resources Inc.
California Energy Commission
Cascade Natural Gas Corporation
Center Point Energy
Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation
Chandler & Associates, Inc.
Chesapeake Operating, Inc.
Chesapeake Utilities Corporation
Chevron Texaco North American Upstream
Citizens Utilities Company
City Gas Company
City of Mesa
City Utilities of Springfield
Clearwater Gas System
Colorado Springs Utilities
Connecticut Natural Gas Corporation
Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc.*
Consumers Energy
Corning Natural Gas Corporation
CPS Energy*
Dallas Production Inc.
Dayton Power and Light Company
Delta Natural Gas Company, Inc.
Devon Energy Corporation
Distrigas of Massachusetts Corporation
Dominion Transmission, Inc.
DTE Energy Gas*
Duke Energy Corporation
El Paso Corporation
Enbridge Gas Distribution, Inc.
Energen Corporation*
Energy Corporation of America
Energy West Incorporated
Entergy Corporation
EOG Resources, Inc
Equitable Resources, Inc.
ExxonMobil Pipeline Company
Fina Oil and Chemical Company
Fitchburg Gas and Electric Light Company
Florence Utilities
Florida Public Utilities Company
Forest Oil Corporation
Freedom Resources Company
Great Lakes Gas Transmission Company
Heath Consultants, Inc.
HNG Storage L.P.
Houston Pipe Line Company
Illinois Gas Company
Intermountain Gas Company
Iroquois Gas Transmission System, L.P.
J.M. Huber Corporation
KCS Resources
Kentucky West Virginia Gas Company
Kerr-McGee Corporation
KeySpan Corporation*
Kinder Morgan, Inc.
Laclede Gas Company
Louisville Gas and Electric Company
Madison Gas and Electric Company
Maxus Energy Corporation
MDU Resources Group, Inc.
Memphis Light, Gas and Water Division*
MidAmerican Energy Company*
Middle Tennessee Natural Gas Utility District
Midwest Energy, Inc.
Mobile Gas Service Corporation
Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia
Nashville Gas Company
National Fuel Gas Company*
New England Gas Company
New Jersey Natural Gas*
New York State Electric & Gas and Rochester Electric & Gas*
New York State Energy Research and Development Authority
Newfield Exploration
Niagara Mohawk, A National Grid Company
Nicor Gas*
Noble Energy, Inc.
Northeast Gas Markets, Inc.
Northern Indiana Public Service Company*
Northern Natural Gas Company
NorthStar Industries, Inc.
NorthWestern Energy
NStar Gas Company
NW Natural
Occidental Oil and Gas Corporation
Ohio Gas Company
Okaloosa Gas District
Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc.
Paiute Pipeline Company
Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Panhandle Energy Company
PECO Energy Company, An Exelon Company
Peerless Mfg. Co.
Penn Virginia Oil & Gas Corporation
Peoples Energy Corporation*
Piedmont Natural Gas Company, Inc.*
Pioneer Natural Resources, USA, Inc.
Pitts Energy Group
PNM Gas Services*
Polaris Corporation
PPL Utilities
PSNC Energy, Gastonia, NC
Public Service Electric and
Gas Company
Puget Sound Energy, Inc.
Questar Corporation*
RGC Resources, Inc.
River Gas Corporation
SCANA Corporation
SEMCO Energy Gas Company
Sempra Energy Utilities*
Shell Oil Company
Sierra Pacific Resources
South Carolina Electric & Gas Company
South Georgia Natural Gas Company
South Jersey Gas Company
The Southeast Alabama Gas District
Southern Cross Corp.
Southern Union Company
Southwest Gas Corporation
Stone & Webster Consultants, Inc.
Superior Water, Light & Power Company
Swift Energy Company
T.D. Williamson, Inc
TECO Peoples Gas*
The Gas Company
TransCanada PipeLines Limited
TransCanada Transmission
Tuscarora Gas Transmission Company
TXU Business Services
UGI Utilities, Inc.*
Union Oil & Gas, Inc.
Union Pacific Resources Company
Unocal Corporation
Vectren Corporation
Vermont Gas Systems, Inc.
Viking Gas Transmission Company
Ward Petroleum Corporation
Washington Gas*
We Energies*
Williams Gas Pipeline
Willmut Gas Company
Wisconsin Public Service Corporation
Xcel Energy
Yankee Gas Services Company

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Welcome to FRack-Turds...the sister site to Fracktoids

Greetings Readers:

Was at a Anti Fracking meeting this afternoon, and when telling everyone about myself, and the blog Fracktoid someone asked, "What's next, Frackturds?"  After some discussion, it was decided that such a blog, and its title had/has merit.  A blog that throws out articles, links and examples of those involved in the ugly practice, both directly and indirectly of Hydraulic Fracturing.  So, as the weeks and months go by, if there is breaking news on yet another Natural Gas Well accident (think Chesapeake Energy), or we find examples of FALSE FRONT ENVIRONMENTAL GROUPS , that upon closer examination are Straw Men, propaganda fronts for natural gas.  If you see news happening, or have a company or organization you want to see named a FRACKTURD, just email us some information, a link to their site, or even photographs of their drilling sites.  Email our editor at

No introductory article would be COMPLETE without naming a Frackturd, and a obvious favorite could be Chesapeake Energy, or any one of its subsidiary companies...a perfect example of their qualifications would be the Leroy Township Well Head FAILURE (NATGAS 2H) on Southside Road for those wanting to visit in Bradford County Pa...but we will save them for now, as we are sure they will be over time a Platinum FRACKTURD, a special honor for those who appear in this blog more than ten times. Instead, we are going to make our first FRACKTURD "Energize WV(West Virginia)."  Now, lets see just what this organization says about itself.

The organization focuses specifically on educational programs that allow students at all grade levels to learn more about the importance and significance of the natural gas industry. Additionally, Energize West Virginia works closely with vocational, technical and higher education institutions to promote programs to train prospective employees within the industry.

Energize West Virginia also disseminates information to the general public about the industry, its products and the economic impact to the state. In conjunction with this public relations effort, Energize WV promotes employment opportunities within the natural gas industry and advocates for the safe and efficient use of industry products.

Just the words quoted here from their About Page are enough to qualify Energize West Virginia as a Frackturd.  Question becomes, where are they getting the money to go into our institutions of learning to spread their PROPAGANDA?  It is suggested here, that a good place to start looking would be two-fold in scope.  1) West Virginia Oil and Gas Association (WVONGA) 2) Independent Oil and Gas Association of West Virginia (IOGAWV)  You can get far more sure that this organization is a PROPAGANDA MACHINE for the industry when you visit their Community Page where they try to assure the world they are, like State Farm, your good neighbor, when in reality the Natural Gas Industry is ANYTHING BUT A GOOD NEIGHBOR, and trust me, they are NOT THERE when trouble arises...IE, it took Chesapeake Energy 13 hours to put a team on the ground in Leroy TWP to deal with the Bradford County Well Head FAILURE.

Drilling for Natural Gas has been a West Virginia tradition for over a century. Exploration companies strive to work with landowners when extracting gas in order to minimally disturb the land as well as to reclaim it after the well is drilled. Many companies operate with a “best practices” policy to ensure the surface owners’ rights have been honored.

.....they go on further in their diatribe to say...

Environmentally, drilling for Natural Gas is the least obtrusive of any natural resource extracted.  and it is the CLEANEST- BURNING Fossil Fuel.

Talk about a serious double dipping lie...that sentence wins the award.  Since when is blowing up the ground using tens of millions of gallons of water and sand mixed with a LETHAL cocktail of Fracking Fluids that poison safe drinking water considered to be Least Obtrusive?  Then their claim of Natural Gas being the cleanest burning fossil fuel...where is Paul Harvey saying, "and now for the rest of the story"? It's a repeat of the Nuclear Energy and their false claims of being a clean green energy...HELLO...the most carbon intensive industrial process in the world is the extraction of uranium and its change over into fuel rods.  Saying Natural Gas is the CLEANEST BURNING fossil fuel ignores the practice of well pad burn off, and ignores the very real fact that over 20 years, Natural Gas (because of the METHANE) is a larger contributor to Green House gases, and thus GLOBAL WARMING than is coal.

So, our FIRST FRACKTURD is none other than ENERGIZE WV(with(unNatural Gas)  You can find out a LOT MORE about their PUBLIC PROPAGANDA CAMPAIGN on their Facebook Page or listen to the most BOGUS Pop Quiz filled with PROPAGANDA here.  In a real DISSAPPOINTMENT, it turns out that television and film actor John Corbett, a Wheeling native, will be the voice of a new radio campaign for Energize WV...we need someone to sit down with this sheep led astray and educate him, maybe let him watch Gasland.

CONGRATULATIONS EnergizeWV, you are officially a FRACKTURD.